4 Practical and Affordable Tricks to Furnishing your home

Most young couples right after marriage will find a new place to stay, while this is very exciting, be careful not to get too carried away. You have just had marriage expenses followed by honeymoon expenses. Now you have to start furnishing your home. Here are some things that we had done along our first few years of marriage. I believe these can set you up with the right foundation to start your lives together. I believe these 4 tips are equally applicable for anyone who is looking to save and get quality items for those furnishing their homes.


Explore sites like Gozefo

When we got married, we went for budget friendly options like Gozefo to get second hand stuff like a washing machine and fridge. You can also go for sites like Olx/Quikr. However this will take effort on your part to hunt for the right deal and right quality. Aggregator sites Gozefo tend to have quality controls, moneyback guarantees, free shipping that will give you a fair price for the items you are considering and less hassle.


Get your own furniture made

For furniture we went to the local carpenter and got our own furniture made. A good rule of thumb to use when scouting for a good place to buy furniture would be to find out where multiple furniture shops are concentrated. Usually you get a good deal and good variety in such places. Bargain hard, ask your parents on tips for how to negotiate for such purchases. They usually have a lot of good wisdom to share in this matter. However do the negotiations yourselves, it is an important life skill to nurture and develop.


Factory seconds from sites like Getmycouch

We eventually graduated from the above two steps to buying factory seconds furniture from getmycouch. Please note we were still not buying first hand. Somehow the mind and heart doesn't accept paying full price. Maybe I am wired differently. Considering that you are reading this, I guess you are too. That urban ladder sofa is a sweet Rs 10,000 cheaper just because there is an odd stitch on the armrest? Yes please!


Get involved your community whatsapp/facebook groups.

I know that you are probably cringing at the thought of this. But this is the only time I advocate joining these groups. We got a great deal on our washing machine through one such group. We got Rs 2000 lower than the already discounted price on Amazon. These communities can point you in the right direction if you can make your requirements clear. Usually there are a couple of savvy businessmen and businesswomen in these groups who can make your life easier and your wallets fatter. Ask your neighbours if there is a community whatsapp group and look for the facebook groups in the city you are in. A simple way to do this is just go to facebook, type in your city name and filter by groups. You should find relevant groups to join here.


Conclusion - What we learned along the way

While the driving factor to get factory seconds/second hand stuff initially was to be financially prudent,  along the way we understood how to care for the things we have. It seemed better to make mistakes at a fraction of the cost and learn fast rather than breaking things which we paid a full price for.


Hope this helps, how did you start out when were buying stuff for your house? Let us know in the comments below.


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